Friday, February 1, 2013

Which Torta Makes Me Sane?

Ever since I can remember, loaded sandwiches have been some of my all time favorite meals.  Whether they are stuffed with meat and french fries or beans and rice, the loaded sandwich always satisfied.

When I moved to Chicago, I was introduced to a Mexican sandwich--the Torta.  This sandwich utilizes a bolillo as its vessel, which is a special football-shaped bun with a thin crust and a soft center.  Tortas are typically filled with your choice of meat layered on top of a refried bean smear.  The most popular garnishes include lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado, salsas, and jalapeños.  Some places add additional meats and others cheeses.  I always suggest getting them loaded to the top.  

With so many Mexican restaurants in Chicago, it has taken a while to differentiate which place has the best torta.  I have decided to ignore all other aspects of the restaurant and focus ONLY on the torta.  By doing so, my overall "Mile Rating" may show some differences.  Here is my "Sanity Spectrum" for the torta:






1. Cemitas Pueblas - (BEST overall torta... meat selection, salsas, toppings, bread.)

2. Nana - (Best vegetarian torta.  I had it for brunch and crave it often)

3. ¡Ay Chiwowa! - (Best bolillo bun in town.  Crispy, soft, and amazing filling!)

4. De Pasada - (Think "street food" torta.  Made fresh to order and very simple.)

5. Los Comales - (Average price, average taste)

6. Taqueria El Taco Naco - (Without question, the largest torta, but quality lacking?)

7. La Adelita Truck - (The food truck option... at least it comes to you.)

8. Arturo's Tacos - (Wouldn't order again.  Nothing was pleasing about this torta)


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