Hey everyone.  I am just a student here in the incredible food city of Chicago.  My eating adventures have been and will continue to keep me sane during my medical school years at UIC.  I have been a foodie all my life and have even taken culinary arts classes in both Italy and Chicago.  As school became more stressful, I found myself trying different restaurants and exploring the city in attempt to separate myself from all the madness.  After a few pictures here and there, the idea of blogging was brought up and there it was... Eating for Sanity was created.  I have been blessed with the opportunities to try numerous cuisines throughout the city.  But mainly, I have been blessed with amazing friends that put up with not only my flashing cellphone camera but also my food sharing rules.  Thanks!

       - Joseph Esparaz

(Florence, Italy) - Culinary Arts I: The Food of Italy
The Blog:
Anyway, this blog focuses on the details of each dish I was able to taste.  There may just be a dish or two, or there might be dozens depending on who accompanies me to that specific restaurant.  I will also be including a section of "DOs and DON'Ts", mainly to help prevent people from making similar mistakes I made.  And, finally, I have decided to use a unique rating system--"How far would I walk for this food?".  Simply put, the farther I would walk... the better that food is.

Hopefully you will find my blog useful when choosing what to order and what to avoid.  Please feel free to leave comments, recommendations, and as always, suggestion for other restaurants I should try.  Enjoy!

(Just a few pictures from my culinary arts classes in Italy... )
There is nothing like making pizzas in a wood fired oven.