Sanity Spectrum

A way to compare one type of food from 
many different restaurants...

Which waffle combination makes me sane?
In 2013, I saw a common theme between many restaurants in Chicago.  #1 was the inclusion of brussel sprouts on just about every restaurant's menu.  #2 was the use of the waffle.  Whether it was served on its own, paired with chicken, or added as a topping, the waffle took me by surprise.  Luckily for me, I love... For Pictures and the List, Click here.

Which burger makes me sane?

Whenever I crave an all-American meal that is guaranteed to fill my stomach, I always choose a burger.  Hockey-puck sized patties cooked medium rare topped with as many toppings possible are my weakness... and the more unique the better.  Unfortunately, burgers may be the hardest dish to compare...  For Pictures and the List, Click Here.

Which vegetarian entree makes me sane?
...  I always find it difficult to suggest a restaurant purely vegetarian, so for this sanity spectrum, I decided to change it up a bit.  Rather than comparing one type of food, I decided to list my 10 favorite vegetarian meals, taking taste, portion size, and price into consideration...  For Pictures and the List, Click Here.

Which deep dish pizza makes me sane?
So, when it comes to Chicago restaurants serving deep dish, I like to think in categories--either "The Big Four (and recently 1/2)" or "The Followers".  "The Big Four and 1/2" consist of Lou Malnati's, Pizzeria Uno/Due, Gino's East, and Giordano's.  I have recently designated a 1/2 to Pizano's.  Regardless of their category, I have found some of my favorite... For Pictures and the List, Click Here.

Which torta makes me sane?
When I moved to Chicago, I was introduced to a Mexican sandwich--the Torta.  This sandwich utilizes a bolillo as its vessel, which is a special football-shaped bun with a thin crust and a soft center.  Tortas are...  For Pictures and the List, Click Here.

Which jibarito makes me sane?
Coming soon...

Which tamale makes me sane?
Coming soon...

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