Friday, August 24, 2012

Don Rafa Food Truck

Location:  Varies
Twitter:  DonRafFoodTruck
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A Quick Word:
Here is another one of Chicago's food trucks.  I love food trucks and have tried over 95% of them in the city.  This one specializes in Mexican food and has a couple restaurants in the city.  I had this truck during lent and was unable to get one of their amazing burritos or tortas that my friends were eating.  And, I think for that reason, I had such a bad experience.  With everyone eating classic Mexican food, I ordered the lent special... shrimp patties... and after you read my review below, you will see why I gave it such a low rating.  I will be happy to try it again next time I find the truck and hopefully improve the rating!

What I Ate:

Shrimp Patties (Lent Special)

This special from the Don Rafa Food Truck was honestly horrible.  It came with two shrimp patties that reminded me of sponges.  They were airy like a sponge and absorbed sauce like a sponge and were something I will never eat again.  Luckily, it was cooked with green peppers and enough sauce that I could eat with the rice and beans and the corn tortillas.  The sides were nothing special but they helped to fill me up.  I really hope to try the truck again and stay away from this meal.

The DOs/DON'Ts:
- Follow them on twitter to find out their most recent location.  It's a food truck so they travel around the city delivering food to us!

- Stick with the classics and don't try anything that sounds too unique for Mexican food.  Everyone told me that the Mexican staples were good and they looked tasty... I unfortunately couldn't eat meat at the time.

How far would I walk for this food?


  1. This unique from the Don Rafa Meals Vehicle was genuinely awful.

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  2. Good to know. I was impressed as you can tell from my low rating. I was hoping others would let me know how the other meals tasted. I probably wont be trying them again. Thanks!