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Mity Nice Grill

April 10, 2012
Water Tower Place, 835 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60611
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A Quick Word:
This restaurant is located in the back area of the Foodlife Food Court in Water Tower Place.  They are a sit down restaurant as opposed to the other food court style restaurants available.  Honestly, I wouldn't choose this restaurant over the food court ones or even the M burger in the mall, but if you want a nicer, quieter atmosphere, you can definitely try this place.  Their food is promising and has great flavors and nice portion sizes, but there is always something wrong with the dish that makes it average.  And for that reason I gave it just a 3 mile rating.

What I ate:

Cheese Popovers

My first time ever having a "popover."  It is hard to describe the consistence so here it goes.. It is a bread or a puff that is extremely light and airy on the inside and has a nice crisp on the outside...  They are topped with cheddar cheese.  I do wish they used a sharp cheddar but for a free appetizer they are delicious.  A little oily so I wouldn't suggest stuffing your face with these.

Green Chili Chicken Nachos

A pile of thin crispy tortilla chips topped with pulled rotisserie chicken, roasted poblanos, sweet corn, black beans, cilantro, pepper jack and chihuahua cheeses! The chips seemed too thin at first, but it was  just thick enough to hold all these toppings... Tons of green chilies but unfortunately they had a little too much cheese... Also I wish it was spicy.  The waitress said they would be but I didn't even get a hint spicy.  Also, the toppings are just layered on top so make sure to eat the bottom chips otherwise you will be left with a plate full of chips. 

Grilled Halibut Sandwich with Sweet Potato Fries

A thick cut of halibut that was cooked nicely... it flaked apart when I tried the fish on its own. It was topped with pickled fennel and red onions and also a lemon caper aioli. The lemon aioli tied the strong flavors of the pickled vegetables with the fresh flavors of the fish. The flavors weren't overwhelming; in fact some bites were almost too bland if the bite was missing either the aoili or the vegetables.  I was extremely disappointed with the side of sweet potato fries. For some odd reason, the sweet potato fries were sprinkled with both sugar and salt.  The sugar was UNNECESSARY and actually ruined the fries.  Hope they stop doing this... or make sure to request no added sugar.

The DOs/DON'Ts:
- So if you want to go to this restaurant, just tell the person near the food court and they will show you the way.  But I am warning you, check out the food court first to see if any of the places sound appealing!
- Do order the nachos but I would ask for a side of jalapeƱos or maybe chopped jalapeƱos added to them.

- I wouldn't order the sweet potato fries ever again.  They are sugared making them awful in my opinion.
- Don't order dessert here... go out into the food court and get one of the fresh made crepes or huge pieces of cake or the giant cupcakes.  You will be much happier!

How far would I walk for this food?

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