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Lucky's Sandwich Company

March 10, 2012 and multiple times after!
Locations:  3742 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL 60657 & 717 W. Maxwell St., Chicago, IL 60607
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A Quick Word:
Lucky's is home of a stuffed sandwich, similar to the famous stuffed sandwiches found in Pittsburgh.  If you are extremely hungry and definitely not calorie counting, I do suggest trying this place out.  Just be aware that some sandwiches are better than others... so read up on my reviews and hope it helps!  By the way, they have an eating challenge:  Eat 3 of their 2 - 2.5 pound sandwiches in under 1 hour and you get your name/picture on the wall... eat them in under 30 min and its also all free!

What I ate:

Overall Sandwich Description
So all the sandwiches from Lucky's are "Stuffed Sandwiches"... meaning they are huge slices of texas toast stacked high with your choice of meat or cheeses or both and then topped with a generous handful of hand cut french fries, a mound of vinegar based slaw, and fresh sliced tomatoes.  The fries are cooked fresh and extremely crispy and the slaw does a great job cutting the greasiness from some of the meats and of course the fries.  There are additional ingredients that are available for an additional cost, including fried eggs, bacon, and of course hot peppers!  I suggest trying them without it first and possible adding it the second or third time you come back... because you will come back!

Cajun Chicken Stuffed Sandwich

The cajun chicken is not one of my favorites... unfortunately the chicken was overpowered by all the other ingredients and I was just hoping for the chicken to be more of the star.  It is a nice thick cut chicken breast so there is potential... maybe just additional seasoning?  I suggest getting the hot peppers on this sandwich if you decide to try it.

Fried Fish Stuffed Sandwich

I really enjoy this sandwich.  I consider it my "go-to" if I can't decide or don't feel like trying another combination.  They are thin fish filets also fried and stacked with the normal ingredients.  The best part is the tartar sauce added to the sandwich.  I love dipping mine into ketchup too but the tartar sauce adds a little something extra.  I do wish they had a grilled fish option since the fried fish and french fries just adds a little too much grease. Try it though!

"Two Bagger" Stuffed Sandwich

Definitely the most popular choice and one of my favorites in terms of flavor!  The two bagger consists of half pastrami and half corned beef and then the other stuffed sandwich ingredients.  The meats are super tender and extremely flavorful.  Unfortunately, they aren't too generous on the amount of meat put on each sandwich so some people may be disappointed.  You can double the meat for $2.25 so maybe think about that option.

Italian Sausage Stuffed Sandwich

This stuffed sandwich is different... the italian sausage is well spiced; at some points it seems almost too artificially spiced.  They butterfly the italian sausage so some bites may have more meat than others.  I wouldn't try it until you had some of their other options first.

The DOs/DON'Ts:
- Do try the Buffalo Chicken or the Fredo or the Skirt Steak... I really enjoy all of these (sorry for no pictures)
- Do sit outside!  It is an amazing little patio area and just fun to come out on a great weather day.
- I suggest taking some of the fries out of the sandwich and eating them as a side... this way you get more taste from the meats and other ingredients and not just fried potatoes.

- Don't order the bacon one or the cheeseburger... these are way too greasy and just not pleasant to eat.
- Don't add anything on the first time. Try them as they were meant to be eaten and then afterwards enjoy adding whatever combination pleases you.

How far would I walk for this food?

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