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E.leaven Food Company

March 28, 2012
54 E. Ontario St., Chicago, IL 60611 and Food Truck Twitter: @Eleaven
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A Quick Word:
E.leaven is a small bakery in the River North area of Chicago.  They have a huge selection of freshly baked breads and bagels that are the main focus of their menu items.  I think this restaurant succeeds because of their use of their fresh breads as vessels for their creative sandwiches and burgers.  I was fortunate enough to find their Food Truck in Chicago, but I have been to their store location too.  The items are reasonably priced but their menu is almost too extensive to choose from anything.  I really like places that are good at a few items rather than offering a huge spread of mediocre entrees.  Overall, my first impression was OK, mainly because they offer simple bagels and nothing really stood out or was memorable to me.  Their sandwiches are all pretty tasty.  But, just watch out and be prepared for it to be OVERCOOKED.

What I Ate:

Stuffed Burger

A huge stuffed burger filled with bacon, mortadella cheese, and sliced jalapeƱos. It was topped with slices of Brie cheese and the normal fixings (lettuce, tomato, and red onions). This thing was huge and served on a nice fresh baked bun. Flavors were amazing... It was a little overcooked but being stuffed made it juicy and it's from a truck so it's hard to complain...

Homemade Potato Chips

Thick cut and extremely crispy! They did have a little too much salt at times and I just thought needed more seasoning other than salt. Maybe some pepper and olive oil. Just a suggestion.
The DOs/DON'Ts:
- Do try their breakfast items.  I unfortunately forgot to take pictures, but they have excellent breads paired with some of the menu items.

- I wouldn't go to the food truck.  I think the warming trays due to the lack of cooking on the trucks makes the items seem overcooked.

How far would I walk for this food?

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