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March 20, 2012
1729 N. Halsted St., Chicago, IL 60614
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A Quick Word:
After eating at this restaurant, it is obvious why they earned a Michelin Star!  The appetizers are very unique, the entrees are kept simpler but served as different preparations and different sauces making them memorable.  And the desserts look like works of art and most importantly tastes even better!  They did miss on their side dishes a little and my friends' dishes were good but nothing outstanding.  It may have been because of the restaurant week limitations... but definitely a memorable meal!

What I ate:

Stuffed Squid

Amazing first course! Stuffed squid filled with a shrimp and scallop mousse. It was sitting on a bed of perfectly cooked spinach and spicy pineapple. The big twist was a black tapioca which was made black from the squid ink! The flavors were so complex but not fishy at all... after finishing my plate, all I could think was "I wish there was more!"

Lamb Rack

This was an unreal second course!! It was lamb three ways... The lamb rack had an amazing ouzu flavor and was cooked to a perfect medium rare. Next was a milk poached lamb belly which has just the right amount of fat and was extremely tender.  That layer of fat packs a punch. And lastly, the third preparation was the neck of the lamb which was rolled with barley and made into an arancini! It was served with a broccoli hash and a black garlic sauce. Outstanding dish!

Mac and Cheese with Edamame

Very creamy Mac and cheese. It had edamame in it and was topped with bread crumbs. Unfortunately, I wasn't too big of a fan... The cheese was creamy but didn't have a bite at all. And, the edamame seemed to be cooked separately and just added afterwards... so biting into each edamame almost tasted like boiled soybeans.  It was just a little too plain for my taste.

Sweet Potato Dauphines

After the disappointing mac and cheese, I was interested in how the dessert was going to turn out.  And, WOW! This dessert had it all. Sweet potato dauphines which are like little balls of mashed sweet potato that are lightly fried! Then it was served with multiple dollops of marshmallow and an espresso short bread mixture. Finally it was all surrounded by a milk chocolate soup! Mix all these together to make glorious bites! I wish I could have bowls and bowls of this dessert! Best dessert ever!

The DOs/DON'Ts:
- Do order from the regular menu. I did and I loved it!
- Make sure to save room for dessert.  It is well worth it and you will be extremely disappointed if you don't!  I promise!
- There is a beautiful patio area so if you can... SIT OUTSIDE!!! if it is not too hot that is.

-  I personally wouldn't order from a restaurant week or chef week menu.  They limit you big time on choices and yes it is a little cheaper... actually like $20 to $30 cheaper, but the better entree and dessert items are definitely on their a la carte menu!

How far would I walk for this food?

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