Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Gaztro-Wagon **CLOSED**

(November 2, 2012)
Food Truck - Location varies (@wherezthewagon)
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A Quick Word:
This was Chicago's first food truck.  Unfortunately it has closed since the whole food truck movement has started.  The food coming from the Gaztro-wagon was always unique, focusing on Naan based items.  With such complex flavors, I was extremely disappointed with the size and cost of each of their items.  They charged outrageous prices for such a small sandwich.  I swear you would have to spend upwards of $15 or more just to get a sandwich the size of subway.  I understand that the quality is higher (much higher, almost incomparable), but for students or everyday individuals that food trucks appeal to, the prices were just to high for me.  And of that reason I gave it such a low rating.  It may be biased but thats how I feel.

What I Ate:

Wild Boar Muffaletta Naanwich

Definitely the better of the two options I tried... With naan as the vessel, it was filled with shredded wild board meat, capicola, provolone cheese, fennel, and topped with an olive based muffaletta.  It had nice spices to it with almost a peppery background always peaking through.

White Bean Stew Naanwich

The vegetarian option on this food truck.  Another naan based sandwich this time with a creative spin on the classic pasta fagioli.  So it had pasta, a little chard, tomato, and red onion.  It was surprisingly moist, almost like a soup wrapped in naan.

The DOs/DON'Ts:

- Order a couple because they are pretty small for $5 price tag... its gonna be expensive so bring your wallet.
- Follow them on twitter... only way to locate them.
- Come around closing time... they might just be generous and give you a special deal.

- N/A

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