Monday, January 6, 2014

The Melting Pot

Location: 609 N. Dearborn St., Chicago, IL 60654
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A Quick Word:
One of the most well-known romantic dinner places is The Melting Pot.  But, this place doesn't have to only be reserved for romantic dates.  It is also a great place just to hang out with close friends.  Four of us arrived late on a weekday night just for a much needed sugar high.  The atmosphere on weekdays is very chill and quiet with most of the tables empty and a reduced staff number.  However, we still had great service with the manager stopping by to say hi.  Another misconception about The Melting Pot is the price... everyone thinks it is stupidly expensive, but if you come just for dessert, it actually is reasonable.  At $10 per person, the chocolate is a great way to end a night.  Plenty of dippers accompany each chocolate and each chocolate is a unique treat in itself.  Some are made with white chocolate while others dark and of course there are milk chocolate options.  If I am rating just the dessert, I would walk 4-miles for it.  Personally, I dislike the regular meals so I don't suggest coming for a complete dinner.

What We Ate:

Chocolate S'mores

What dessert reminds you of your childhood?  For me, it is S'mores.  At The Melting Pot, one of their dessert fondues is called Chocolate S'mores.  This fondue is made with milk chocolate swirled with marshmallow cream before being flambéed and topped with crushed graham crackers.  It comes with a plate of dippers (described below).  The chocolate is extremely rich and the marshmallow adds even more sugar to it.  Spoonfuls of this chocolate actually tastes like a toasted s'more.  This is always everyone's favorite, so I highly recommend ordering it.

Flaming Turtle

One of the recommended dessert fondues is the Flaming Turtle.  This dessert is also made with milk chocolate which is mixed with caramel and candied pecans before being flambéed.  It comes with a plate of dippers (described below). The pecans are amazing.  They add a wonderful crunch.  I love them so much I actually try to fish the pecans out when no one is looking.  If you can't imagine what this dish tastes like, think of a melting Carmello candy bar with those holiday candied nuts mixed in.

The Dippers and Flambé

All of the chocolates come with enough dippers for at least two people, and remember, you can request for some additional dippers.  The dipper plate includes strawberries, bananas, rice krispy treats, brownies, both chocolate and regular marshmallows, pound cake, and a slice of cheese cake.  Some of the items are great for dipping, but I suggest you do not try to dip cheesecake or pound cake.  Those two items break apart really easily.  After the chocolate arrives at your table, they flambé it at the table.  The fire is awesome and goes out after stirring the chocolate.  Amazing dessert!  Enjoy!

The DOs/DON'T:
- If you are planning to order more than 1 chocolate dessert, do ask for a larger table with two warming plates.
- I still suggest making reservations just for dessert.  On the weekends, this place gets really packed and without reservations, you will have to cross your fingers for a bar spot to open.
- Do request for extra dippers.  They give you more bananas and strawberries for no additional cost

- The cheese and meat options are OVERRATED.  In fact, I dislike their food if you include their entrees.  The meat is fried in hot oil and is bland.  The cheese is OK, but nothing special.

How far would I walk for this food?

This rating is only for Dessert.  If I include their regular food,
I would drop my rating to 2.5 miles.

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