Friday, January 4, 2013

The Wiener's Circle

Location: 2622 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL 60614
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A Quick Word:
One of Chicago's Late Night hotspots is The Wiener's Circle in Lincoln Park.  This small hot dog joint is famous for serving the char dog... a long-standing spin on the boiled hot dog, but still doing it the right ("and only") way--Chicago Style.  But, most people don't only come here for the char dog or that well known "chocolate milkshake."  They all knowingly come for the verbal abuse and banter that accompanies their late night fix.  Once the weekend night arrives, the employees begin their yelling, cursing, and teasing of all their customers.  People enjoy yelling back, especially the drunk ones, but just remember to never take it too far.  The employees definitely welcome the returned cursing from customers, but they tend to get the best of everyone before it is all over.  Overall, I could only rate them at a 3.5 mile, mainly because the char dog was good (but not Superdawg quality) and there is almost no seating (especially during winter times when it is too cold to sit outside).  The yelling, fun atmosphere does help its rating, but it is honestly only a good place for people that can take punishment and dish it out as well.  The experience I would rate higher, so definitely come for the experience and not just for the food.
The Wiener's Circle
(limited picnic table seating outside)
What I Ate:

Char Dog

Whenever I make it out to The Wiener's Circle, I typically stick with the traditional Char Dog, which is of course served "Chicago Style."  The char dog starts out as a boiled hot dog that is then placed on the charcoal fed grill and charred until the ends split and that smokey flavor is infused.  The dog is placed in a steamed poppyseed bun and topped with all the classic Chicago toppings--yellow mustard, neon green relish, onions (grilled or raw), a pickle spear, two thick slices of tomato, celery salt, and of course sports peppers.  The char dog has the perfect smokey flavor and the toppings are extremely fresh, especially the tomatoes.  I didn't enjoy the grilled onions this time (so I guess I will be sticking with my usual raw ones when I return again).  The bun was nicely steamed enough to be soggy, but still act as a great vessel for all the toppings..  Besides being disappointed by the grilled onions (my fault), I didn't enjoy the sports peppers mainly because they weren't spicy at all--not even a little kick.  Still a great char dog that I recommend to everyone.

The DOs/DON'Ts:
- Be ready for the verbal abuse!
- Know your order and try not to stutter when it's your turn.  Otherwise get back to the end of the line.
- MAKE SURE TO TIP... otherwise the yelling will be even worse. (that is if they don't take your money and place it in the tip jar themselves).
- I always get my food to go because this place gets packed and it is uncomfortable after a while.

- Chocolate Milkshake... $20? huh?
- If you can't take the abuse, don't come here.

How far would I walk for this food?

However, I would rate the EXPERIENCE at 4.5 Miles!

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