Saturday, January 19, 2013

Molly's Cupcakes

Location: 2536 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL 60614
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A Quick Word:
Molly's Cupcakes is one of the more established cupcake bakeries in Chicago.  With so many of them popping up everywhere, it has become hard to find the good ones and avoid the bad ones.  Throughout the years, Molly's has become my staple for recommending whenever someone asks where to try.  They have an extensive menu of center-filled cupcakes that are spin offs from favorite childhood snacks.  From butterfinger-like cupcakes to oreo, everyone will find one they love.  The atmosphere is very playful with swing set seating, colorful tables, and classic board games laying around the bakery.  The seating is limited which is unfortunate, especially when huge families have to take their cupcakes to go rather than enjoy them in the bakery.  Because of the seating situation and the hit-or-miss on a few of their cupcakes, I decided to rate it at 4.5 miles... highest of all my cupcake posts.

What We Ate:

Cookie Monster

This is one of those cupcakes that everyone loves... because everyone loves cookie dough.  The cookie monster cupcake is a vanilla cupcake that his filled a chocolate chip cookie dough and topped with both a rich buttercream frosting and chocolate chips.  The cupcake reminds me of fresh baked cookies that have been pulled from the oven, but have not cooled off enough to pick up yet.

Cake Batter

This may have become my all-time favorite cupcake.  I like to call it... "Funfetti on Steroids."  The funfetti-like cake base is filled with a gooey cake batter.  It is then topped with light blue frosting and a few sprinkles.  The cake was very light with the batter tasting exactly like what kids fight over... the battered spoon.  Such a simple cupcake with a presentation that reminded me exactly of a birthday cake.  In fact, I may just order a few for my own.


Right when you see this cupcake, it speaks Oreo cookie.  A chocolate cupcake filled with a creamy frosting, and finished off with the same buttercream frosting and a mini Oreo.  Overall, I thought the cupcake was good.  I am a bigger fan of break and bake cookies rather than Oreos, so that may be my bias.  Anyway, think Oreo and that is exactly what you will be tasting... just in cake form.

Black and White

This cupcake was probably the most plain one ever created.  A chocolate cupcake was topped with  just a vanilla frosting.  Exciting right?  Not at all.  And unfortunately, they didn't even do a good job with simplicity.  The chocolate cake was dry and the frosting... nothing special.  I would never get this cupcake... ever.

The DOs/DON'Ts:
- If you see a seat, definitely grab it and send one or two of your friends to grab a cupcake.  There is limited seating and you may have to wait a while or just take them to go.
- Highly suggest ordering the center-filled cupcakes.  These are significantly better.

- Don't come too late... at a certain time, Molly's stops baking new cupcakes and they begin to run out of the better flavors.  For us... no red velvet.

How far would I walk for this food?

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