Monday, August 24, 2015


After almost a year hiatus from my blog, I have decided to restart in a little different format.  I will continue to offer multiple pictures from my meal with quick blurbs of what we loved to eat, but posts will be a shorter due to time constraints with residency.  I will still base my rating on "How far I would walk for this food".  Hope everyone still enjoys!

Location: 17 E. Monroe St (Inside Palmar House Hotel)

Our Meal:

Charcuterie and Cheese Platter

It is sad when the charcuterie and cheese plate was the best item of the night.  This dish came with two different meats (a salami and a prosciutto) and three types of cheeses.  One was a blue cheese, but unfortunately our waiter did not feel the need to explain the rest of the dish.  It had a wonderful cherry preserve spread as well as a whole grain mustard for tart.  The dish was huge and great for sharing.  Definitely worth the $22 price tag.

Roasted Flat Iron Steak and Sea Scallop Entrees

For our two entrees, we decided to get one meat dish and one seafood.  Their menu was limited and the reasonably (still high) priced entrees were the flat iron steak and the sea scallops.  Of the two, I would only ever eat the scallops again.  They were plump and perfectly cooked and a wonderful lentil side.  The steak, however, was tough and very bland.  Yes you could appreciate the beef flavor, but they only saving grace was the few drops of rich sauce.  The vegetables were awful unless you enjoy semi-raw tasting green beans.

Truffled Cream Corn side dish  and Housemade Sorbet for dessert

Finally, just a quick word about our accompaniments.  By surprise, my fiancée last minute ordered the truffled cream corn.  And I am glad she did.  The corn tasted fresh off the cob and it was topped with a dollop of truffled butter.  That butter was potent but had the perfect truffle flavor--did not overwhelm the palate.  As for dessert, a combination of blood orange, mixed berry, and cantaloupe sorbet was ordered.  Not too sweet, but just enough to quench a sweet tooth.  The blood orange was the star of this dessert with the cantaloupe sorbet failing big time.

My Rating:

After much consideration, I gave an average 3.5 mile rating to Lockwood.  We were lucky to have had a gilt city deal to help curb the cost, so my opinion may be biased.  We had a wonderful Pinot Grigio and an excellent appetizer.  I would recommend coming here for the cheese and charcuterie and a few glasses of wine.  However, I would refrain from ordering entrees unless high priced bland meals are what you enjoy. 


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